Like a catcher in the rye, I catch the beauty of light and nature in my art. My desire for harmony comes with me from the Swiss Alps, as I am educated in Zurich.
I love the match of beauty with intelligence, memorries of real good times can be in a blink of the eye.
Collectors of my work love it as the works brings out their 'Sehnsucht', longing for peacefull moments. I belief harmony to be a power for true luck and good fortune: and art work influences the hearts of the beholders.

In my paintings I often relate to water, a lively brook in spring; early sunlight on the waves; sparkling of fresh snows...but the work also touches upon the field where dreams come from.
The texture is powdery as I use hand made tempera, with strong yet pastel pigments.
The drawings are related but stand out in a different way to tell an inner story. Mine? Yours?
In my search to process my creative thoughts I mostly paint and draw, although sometimes the urge to get a grip on what beauty brings about, I use other media.

I work and live in Amsterdam, but was raised near Zurich. My father was a well known professor in Physics. That is the root for my interest in science and the arts, and the source of my love for natural phenomena. In the end to bring more harmony in the room and our inner lives.


Nadia Gyr
Bilderdijkstraat 167
1053KP Amsterdam