Wolkenreise Albert Gyr

why this book


A flash of lightning in a cloud, but no thunder. Something was leaping up and down inside, full of joy and elation. A scientist? Unlikely! Yet that is exactly what I saw. That’s what happened. A dancing flash in the middle of a fluffy cloud, in an otherwise cloudless sky. Complete silence reigned. It was a soothingly beautiful natural event, a grandiose farewell.

I have been fortunate in that both of us, my father as a scientist and me as an artist, shared a wish to bring the world of science and the world of art closer together. This vision gave rise to never-ending, playful musings. My father loved toying with ideas. He loved questioning things, reflecting on them and re-examining them anew.

For me as an artist, questioning individual concepts has its limits. I prefer to record my thoughts by means of associated images which I can grasp. The cloud is a case in point. It brings me joy to think that by creating a visual record of that cloud I might render apparent something that could have lead him, the physicist, onto a new trail. 

We had a lot of time at the end to philosophise about god and the world. Unanticipated time, during which we could talk about our thoughts, beliefs, hopes and fears. About what still tied us, or rather my father, to this earthly world, and his reflections on leaving it. Also that big question: What will be?

Presumably these conversations are part of the reason why a cloud that appeared so suddenly out of nowhere a few days after he passed away, a cloud in which one lightning flash chased the other, is so important to me. With that unexpected appearance, he once more guided me down a new and previously hidden path.

What I do know is that one of his last thoughts, left hanging in the air unevaluated, was so dear to him that I now would like to carry it out into the wider world ­- without any claim to correctness.

"Could it be that the Big Bang is an implosion
instead of an explosion? 

Its gas pressure stands for the dark matter and the work done for the dark energy."

I can still see him smiling. “That would be amazing! Perhaps it’s true, perhaps it isn’t. The future will tell.”