Xiamen Summer 2009, Southern China

Nature in Xiamen colors in subtropical shades.
The grasses and bamboos shine in brilliant green tones, heaven and sea shiver from bright mangan to a light prusian blue.  Summer in Xiamen comes also with clouds from blue white to yellow grey. And flowers, lots of them in purple, orange, yellow and red.

Modern Chinese streets color life evenmore colourful with silver and golden lining, with students on silver plastic shoes and large silver pillars that weight the highway along the sea. When evening comes Xiamen is illuminated like with heavenly stars in innumerous lightbulbs. All lightbulbs in China are made in Xiamen and they know how to show it.

A sudden contrast to this intense explosion of colors, so associated by me from the west with endless lust for life is Xiamens number one buildings material: concrete. It's everywhere to be found and makes this deathscene color a major player everywhere in Xiamens streets.

What hides behind the birdcages, as I call these concrete facades protected by fence? They don't reveal the secret life of hidden china, which I guess, is for real.


birdcages: 60 cm x 80 cm aquarel, Chinese ink. rice paper