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Dutch light sails to china

fotos: f.l.t.r. exhibition Maritime Museum / poster / Dimp Nelemans (GalleryMarytime) and Alice King,Honorary Chairman of C.Y.Tung Maritime Museum / Dutch Deputy Consul Leo Linscheer / with painting "wave 2"


from "artchinanet.com":

... renew the spirit of the original, make something the audience has not seen before, or make something fresh. Dutch Light Sails to China attempts to include all of these meanings in our exhibition series in order to promote true cultural exchange and an appreciation of maritime art presented in a variety of artistic mediums.

Dutch Light Sails to China is a pioneering work in culture and art communication between China and Holland. It is the first time in China for a nongovernmental art group to present an art and cultural exchange series of exhibitions on such a scale. It is a new beginning and also will be a meaningful turning point in the history of culture.

The purpose of this decision is to gain insight into the audience response in distinctly different art viewing environments in Shanghai and to learn for ourselves how the Dutch maritime artworks we had gathered together in the Netherlands and brought to China could be made "New" in each exhibition in the Shanghai series...



from the catalog "Dutch light sails to china":

...The maritime paintings of the 17th century had strong geographical links and flourished on the open sea, In the countries that could generally thank their views, prospects and property to the broad trading route which linked them with the continents. In the low Countries the painters developed their own style as independent genre.

In the 21st century there still remains this desire to create new forms to celebrate the sea. The urge to look beyond the waters. To broaden one’s horizons and seek out new sources Is still there....