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studeo 2018 -
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What happens when I zoom in on my paintings?
I made them conscious and concentrated layer on layer.
and yet there is another more abstract world where I myself can be amazed again and again
do you want to join me on a discovery trip?

kiosk Galerie

Gallery owner 2017 $ 2018
de Persgroep Nederland, Amsterdam

the smallest gallery in the Netherlands
right in front of the newspaper

"Wolkenreise Albert Gyr"

Book presentation and exibition
kunstkammern ARTEFIZ
Weinfeldeen / 2015


the report: more...

introductory text more...

"follow your heart in amsterdam"

gift shop with art referring to Amsterdam
made with love for the city
Amsterdam / 2011 - 2013

  selected examples: more...
"greetings and a sparkling summer"

solo exhibition with paintings and drawings
Galerie Smith & Vissers
Amsterdam / 2011

  the report: more...
"Das blau unsere Erde" (The blue of our earth)
Text A.Gyr / illu. N.Gyr
Edition, hü & hott, Erlenbach
Sponsor, SVGW / Text in German
ISBN 978-3-9523721-1-1 / 2010
  5 Teddy bears inquire on an adventurous trip around the world the water cycle on earth. more...
Artists in Residence Program
CEAC, Cinese European Art Center /
Xiamen City, China
  birdcages, more...
At the 4th day, in the.. more...
Dutch light sails to China
Maritime Art Museum /
Shanghai, China
Bund66 / nov 06
Shanghai, China
  Group exhibition with lectures on maritime art, more...
Kunstraum sylt-quelle /
Insel Sylt, Germany
  Exhibition curated by Tanja Dückers more...

Wasser im Bild
Galerie Artefiz /
Zürich, Swizerland
  solo exhibition of paintings more...
Cinema riff raff / nov.06
Zürich, Switzerland
  internat. Animation filmfestival
catch the wave of sparkling summer nr2
Gallery Maritime / nov.05
Middelburg. the Netherlands

The master-class
see Photo's

My lovely flying carpet
Minimotion Internat. film festival / okt.05
Baden, Swizerland
ScArt "catch the wave of sparkling summer"
Rutgers University
New Jersey, USA / jun.05
  Internat. Symposium of science & art
  see Goal and explanation
  see Photo Gallery
  see Lecture Catch the wave of sparkeling summer
yellow brain
welcome to Fusedspace Database
Sroom /
Den Haag, the Netherlands
  Internet-project a common usable memory more...
walking on air
Zürich, swizerland feb.00
  Group exhibition(s) to the subject of flows in air and water more....
arti e amicitiae
Amsterdam,the Netherlands
Mixed media
2,5 x 2 x 0,7 m
Hair drier, thermofax paper, manganese wire, electricity, fax machine, MDF, telephone connection
In collaboration with Nadia Gyr Photo's....